Fisher Island, Florida: The Highest Average Income Suburb in the United States?

Fisher Island, located off the southern tip of Miami Beach, has the highest mean income of any place in the United States according to the 2005-2009 American Community Survey. The ACS replaces the “long form” that sampled socioeconomic data in previous censuses. Fisher Island is unusual in many respects as it can only be reached […]

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Tucson: A Beautiful Desert Oasis

With good reason, Tucsonians love to sneer at Phoenix: too big, too ugly and with too much out of control growth and the concomitant dreadful traffic problems. (oh yes, and too Conservative too!). However, as the city of Tucson has an estimated 2009 population of 543,910 and the county has just passed the million residents […]

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Bethesda and Palo Alto: Graduate Degrees & Money

After reading Daniel de Vise’s article in the Washington Post about the high rates of high-school completion in the counties surrounding the District of Columbia, I thought it would be much more telling to find which communities had the highest concentration of graduate degrees. The 2006-8 American Community Survey reports on doctorates, professional degrees, and […]

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Washington DC: African-Americans find Success, but Separate and Not Financially Equal

The racial integration of the Washington DC metro area has many illuminating geographic patterns. This essay will concentrate on African-Americans and Non-Hispanic Whites. That’s not to say that there are not significant and interesting patterns for the ever increasing Latino and Asian communities, however, the long historical relationship between Washington DC and it’s Black citizens […]

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Latinos Become Largest Racial Group in Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Palm Beach Metro Area

However you look at it, the 2006-8 American Community Survey portrays a watershed year for the Miami-Fort Lauderdale-Palm Beach Metropolitan Statistical Area. There are now 2,099,334 Latinos in the three county metro area versus 2,072,807 Non-Hispanic Whites. Eight years ago, Non-Hispanic Whites were clearly the largest racial group with 44.1%  of the metro population. However […]

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Asian-Americans Flock to America’s Wealthy Suburbs

The increase in the number of American families that claimed an income of over $200,000 between 2000 and the ACS of 2006-8 is stunning. Although the total number of households in the United States only increased by 8.0%, the number earning over $200,000 skyrocketed by 88.2%. The number of Asian-Americans earning over that amount increased a stunning 181.5%

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The Elite 100: America’s Highest Income Neighborhoods

The 100 neighborhoods with the highest incomes in the United States have similar racial make-up as the Higley 1000. There is a slightly higher percentage of Non-Hispanic Whites (91.4%) and significantly fewer Asian-Americans and African-Americans than in the larger list. Hispanics were better represented primarily on the strength of five Miami neighborhoods with high Cuban […]

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Milwaukee: Industrial Wealth Yields to an Uncertain Future

In spite of being built on heavy industry, Milwaukee, like Chicago, did not allow all of its beautiful Lake Michigan lakefront to be surrendered to industrial usage. The Port of Milwaukee and the industrial Menominee River valley are nicely hidden from the central business district and the wealthy lakefront neighborhoods to the north. As Milwaukee’s […]

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Darien, Connecticut: Highest Income Households in USA

The United States Census Bureau has recently announced a wealth of statistics on jurisdictions with over 20,000 people in the most recent American Community Survey.  Compiled from data over a three year period (2005-2007), Darien, Connecticut easily came in as the wealthiest town in America. Of course, the devil is in the definitions and the […]

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Los Angeles: The Platinum Triangle & Beyond

The fragmentation of the 80 wealthiest Los Angeles neighborhoods has it’s own unique pattern that is primarily influenced by the Pacific Ocean and the Santa Monica Mountains. The core area is generally referred to as “West Los Angeles” and extends from the West Hollywood Hills to Castellammare, located adjacent to Malibu on the western city […]

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