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Monmouth County & Ocean County

Monmouth County, New Jersey is one of those counties in the BosWash megalopoli that is difficult to categorize. The county has a relatively large population (635,285, 2006 Census estimate), but no true central city. Historically, the closest thing to that end has been the twin resort towns of Long Branch and Asbury Park. Both communities’ […]

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West Suburban Chicago: Hinsdale & Oak Brook

West Suburban Chicago View Larger Map of Higley1000 neighborhoods in West Suburban Chicago The West Suburban cluster of neighborhoods is centered on Oak Brook and Hinsdale. They are the odd couple of Chicago’s suburbs. Hinsdale (the Felix Unger of the two) is older, gracious and stately. Hinsdale’s lovely tree lined streets have been the site […]

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The San Fernando Valley

The Higley 1000 neighborhoods located in the San Fernando Valley are the logical geographic extension of the core area of West Los Angeles. It consists of five contiguous neighborhoods on the northern slopes of the Santa Monica Mountains: Woodland Park, Tarzana Hills, Encino Hills, Sherman Oaks, and Studio City Hills. I have added the term […]

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Morris, Somerset, & Hunterdon: New Jersey’s Largest Center of Wealth

Morris, Somerset, and Hunterdon counties have the largest number of Higley 1000 households in New Jersey. The three counties are the exurban extensions of suburban Essex and Union counties, and are characterized by quaint villages, discrete estates on country lanes, and even a few standard suburban subdivisions. There are extensive areas of horse farms, particularly […]

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Union County, New Jersey

Union County is Essex County’s smaller, poorer neighbor to the South without the racial diversity found in some of Essex’s Higley 1000 neighborhoods. The wealthiest neighborhoods of Union County are an extension of the physically similar suburbs to the North along the first Watchung Mountain. At the apex of Union County’s suburbs is the fully […]

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