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New York City: General Patterns of Wealth

The New York City metro area dominates the Higley 1000 with 223 Neighborhoods. Because of its size and complexity, I hope my readers will be able to help me further refine the proper nomenclature for individual neighborhoods. I will write a series of general postings on each of the major concentrations of Higley 1000 neighborhoods […]

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Five Towns on Long Island

The Five Towns Higley 1000 Suburbs and Neighborhoods View Larger Map of Five Towns Five Towns is one of those geographic names that bothers all geographers. Although everyone knows where it’s located, no one is really sure of its boundaries. Located in unincorporated Southwestern Nassau County, the area’s identity was forged by the merging of […]

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Garden City, New York

Garden City View Larger Map of Higley 1000 Neighborhoods in Garden City In the late 1860s, Alexander T. Stewart, a wealthy New York merchant, won a bidding war with another local businessman and purchased the plains of the future Garden City for $55 an acre, a whopping sum at the time. Stewart was one of […]

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Saint James-Three Village, Long Island

Saint James-Three Village View Larger Map of St. James – Three Village The last nexus of wealth on Long Island is the Gold Coast’s poor cousin 20 miles East on Long Island Sound in Suffolk County. I am being a bit facetious in this description as the best roads in Nissequogue and Old Field look […]

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Posted in Metro Briefs, The US Census on Jan 23rd, 2008, 8:08 pm by Stephen Higley