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Garden City, New York

Garden City View Larger Map of Higley 1000 Neighborhoods in Garden City In the late 1860s, Alexander T. Stewart, a wealthy New York merchant, won a bidding war with another local businessman and purchased the plains of the future Garden City for $55 an acre, a whopping sum at the time. Stewart was one of […]

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The Elite 5% in America’s Highest Income Places

The American Community Survey (2006-2008) has included a new table that identifies the mean household income of the highest 5% of households for communities with more than 20,000 residents. The statistics have some interesting patterns when compared to the mean household incomes of ALL households in a given place (The top 50 places on that […]

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Liberty Park, Alabama

In many respects, Liberty Park is a typical gated community that one can find in any American metro area worth its salt. It may be a bit hokier than most with a replica of the Statue of Liberty near the entrance of the planned community, but it complements the regional Boy Scout headquarters that squats […]

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How a Sampling of Wealthy Suburbs Voted: Obama vs. McCain

Ferreting out election returns at the local level is fraught with difficulty as very few states publish the results on the web and the geography of precincts and boxes often is different from municipal boundaries. The five states that are in the table below consisted of three states that publish on the web (Minnesota, Wisconsin, […]

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