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West Suburban Chicago: Hinsdale & Oak Brook

West Suburban Chicago View Larger Map of Higley1000 neighborhoods in West Suburban Chicago The West Suburban cluster of neighborhoods is centered on Oak Brook and Hinsdale. They are the odd couple of Chicago’s suburbs. Hinsdale (the Felix Unger of the two) is older, gracious and stately. Hinsdale’s lovely tree lined streets have been the site […]

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From Lincoln Park to Dearborn Park: Chicago’s Central Neighborhoods

As I have mentioned in my posting on wealthy urban neighborhoods, one cannot really compare entire city neighborhoods to homogenous single family suburban neighborhoods. The 69 suburban Chicago neighborhoods in the Higley 1000 have an average of of 624 households. The 11 contiguous central Chicago neighborhoods spotlighted in this essay have an average of 7,740 […]

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The Five Barringtons and their Neighbors

The Barrington Area View Larger Map Higley 1000 Neighborhoods in the Barrington area One could almost consider the Barrington Area as an annex to the North Shore. New upscale development was blocked to the north along the lakefront by downscale North Chicago and Waukegan, therefore it moved west. The Barrington area (as I have defined […]

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Racial Segregation in Manhattan’s Higley 1000 Neighborhoods

There are few Higley 1000 neighborhoods in central cities. The two exceptions to this rule are Manhattan and San Francisco. Urban neighborhoods that are based on Block Groups are usually too heterogeneous in terms of housing options to qualify for the list. As a rule, any substantial number of rental units will bring down the […]

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Minorities in America’s Wealthiest Places: A Summary

The bar graphs below show some interesting patterns. Asian-American are over-represented (compared to their percentage of all Americans) in every category… particularly in wealthy urban neighborhoods. African-Americans are much less likely to be found in either central cities or suburbia. Hispanics have penetrated the nations best neighborhoods more broadly and deeply than Blacks, but are […]

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