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The Elite 5% in America’s Highest Income Places

The American Community Survey (2006-2008) has included a new table that identifies the mean household income of the highest 5% of households for communities with more than 20,000 residents. The statistics have some interesting patterns when compared to the mean household incomes of ALL households in a given place (The top 50 places on that […]

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Wealthy Micro Villages: From Indian Creek, Florida to Mockingbird Valley, Kentucky

One of the goals of the Higley 1000 is to include as many wealthy neighborhoods or places as I can find. I have scoured this fair country of ours and found some micro-suburbs that are either incorporated or recognized as an unincorporated place by the Census Bureau. Many Censi ago they started calling unincorporated places […]

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Welcome to the Higley 1000!

Welcome to my new website. I’ve had lots of great ideas about the best way to present my methods to the interested public, but I’ve finally settled on this web site. It’s going to provide a great way to exchange ideas with my readers. I’ll attempt to describe my methodology as I go along, and […]

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