Darien, Connecticut: Highest Income Households in USA

Darien, Connecticut: Highest Income Households in USA

The United States Census Bureau has recently announced a wealth of statistics on jurisdictions with over 20,000 people in the most recent American Community Survey.  Compiled from data over a three year period (2005-2007), Darien, Connecticut easily came in as the wealthiest town in America. Of course, the devil is in the definitions and the relatively high population threshold means that slightly smaller and wealthier communities (e.g. Scarsdale, Atherton, and Winnetka) are no where to be found on the list.

Although the American Community Survey did not collect racial data, the 2000 Census showed Darien as being 95.6% non-Hispanic White. Darien has three neighborhoods on the Higley 1000: Tokeneke, Long Neck Point-Noroton Neck, and Darien North.

Map of Darien, Connecticut

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The New York City metro area dominate the list with 15 places among the 50 wealthiest. It is followed by San Francisco with 7, and 5 in the Los Angeles area. Chicago, Washington DC, and Boston each have 4 towns on the list. Beverly Hills did not make the list coming in at #52 with a mean household income of $148,758.

The list I have compiled below is for Mean Household Income to capture extremes of wealth. Be sure to read the caveats at the bottom of the list.

I have purposely not included racial statistics as these large entities may have large internal neighborhood disparities making the racial statistics problematic. There is only one place that does not have a  neighborhood represented in the Higley 1000: Montgomery Township, a fast-growing exurban township in southern Somerset County, New Jersey.

Table1:  The 50 Highest Income Places in the United States with a Population over 20,000

Wealthiest Places With Population Over 20,000

Rank Place Mean HH Inc Locater State
1 Darien $295,228 Fairfield County CT
2 Lake Forest $279,052 Chicago IL
3 Westport $246,977 Fairfield County CT
4 Greenwich $235,212 Fairfield County CT
5 Potomac $228,641 Washington DC MD
6 McLean $220,631 Washington DC VA
7 Southlake $217,978 Fort Worth TX
8 Summit $210,564 Union County NJ
9 Mountain Brook $210,089 Birmingham AL
10 La Canada Flintridge $206,861 Los Angeles CA
11 Garden City $203,329 Long Island NY
12 Mamaroneck Town $199,483 Westchester County NY
13 Colleyville $197,281 Fort Worth TX
14 Harrison $196,127 Westchester County NY
15 University Park $195,076 Dallas TX
16 Saratoga $194,984 Silicon Valley CA
17 Wellesley $194,155 Boston MA
18 Los Altos $192,010 Silicon Valley CA
19 Manhattan Beach $189,812 Los Angeles CA
20 Montgomery Township $188,901 Somerset County NJ
21 Ridgewood $186,935 Bergen County NJ
22 Highland Park $186,623 Chicago IL
23 Mercer Island $186,254 Seattle WA
24 Eastchester Town $185,392 Westchester County NY
25 Newport Beach $185,376 Orange County CA
26 Wilmette $184,073 Chicago IL
27 Lower Merion Township $184,033 Philadelphia PA
28 Granite Bay $182,691 Sacramento CA
29 Bernards Township $180,478 Somerset County NJ
30 Bloomfield Township $177,578 Detroit MI
31 Bethesda $174,058 Washington DC MD
32 Ridgefield $170,822 Fairfield County CT
33 Livingston Township $170,704 Essex County NJ
34 West Windsor Township $169,119 Princeton NJ
35 Brentwood $168,138 Nashville TN
36 Danville $167,848 San Francisco CA
37 Dix Hills $167,822 Long Island NY
38 Lafayette $167,580 San Francisco CA
39 North Tustin $166,319 Orange County CA
40 Westfield $164,529 Union County NJ
41 North Potomac $162,420 Washington DC MD
42 Northbrook $161,728 Chicago IL
43 Laguna Beach $160,473 Orange County CA
44 Menlo Park $159,788 Silicon Valley CA
45 Leawood $159,775 Kansas City KS
46 Winchester $159,355 Boston MA
47 Palo Alto $158,855 Silicon Valley CA
48 Morris Township $158,178 Morris County NJ
49 Needham $154,851 Boston MA
50 Los Gatos $154,598 Silicon Valley CA

1.  The numbers are not adjusted from for inflation since the 2000 Census. The sampling process used by the Census Bureau (to grossly simplify) is within 8-10% of the actual numbers. For a detailed discussion of the sampling process and margins of errors, see the American Community Survey.

2.  The numbers are based on a rolling average over the years 2005-2007.

3.  Remember that the Census Bureau makes it impossible for households to claim much more than approximately $2 million dollars in income in any given year. This statistical policy does prevent the Bill Gates’ and Warren Buffets of this world from distorting income figures, but, it does significantly downplay the highest incomes of the richest places found in the United States

4.  The Towns of New York can be confusing  geographic entities as they may include subordinate villages in their totals. As an example, the Town of Mamaroneck, among the most confusing jurisdictions in the country, is composed of all of the Village of Larchmont, half of the Village of Mamaroneck (the other half is in the Town of Rye) and a geographic remainder that is sometimes referred to as Larchmont North.

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    Where did you get your data from, it looks very different from this : American Community Survey table http://tinyurl.com/3ec8og9

    Please look at both Darien and Westport, your number is about 50% higher than the ACS numbers. Am I missing anything?

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