The Five Barringtons and their Neighbors

The Five Barringtons and their Neighbors

The Barrington Area

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One could almost consider the Barrington Area as an annex to the North Shore. New upscale development was blocked to the north along the lakefront by downscale North Chicago and Waukegan, therefore it moved west. The Barrington area (as I have defined it) stretches from Long Grove on the east to Barrington Hills in the west and is located primarily on the rolling meadows and forests of southern Lake County. This area, with a few exceptions, is nouveau riche and filled with upscale subdivisions of McMansions.

The Barrington name has cache and has proliferated across the landscape in a series of separately incorporated suburbs: North Barrington, South Barrington, Lake Barrington, Barrington Hills, and the original little farming community that started it all, Barrington itself. The lower-middle class suburb of Hoffman Estates even briefly entertained renaming itself East Barrington at one point to gain some illusory prestige.

Although the wealthiest neighborhood in the Barrington area is the gated Wynstone Golf Course community, the reigning dowager of wealth and old money is Barrington Hills. Wynstone consists of huge new homes built around a Jack Nicklaus designed golf course in the village of North Barrington. The fact that Wynstone has a significantly higher mean household income than Barrington Hills, is yet another example of how parvenu homogeneity can trump old money diversity in the Higley 1000.

If Wynstone’s passion is golf, Barrington Hills is equestrian paradise. The suburb is huge and its 28 square miles covers four counties. The population is only 4,000 due to extensive public park lands and five acre zoning throughout the village. The Riding Club of Barrington Hills and the Fox River Valley Pony Club are local institutions and horses are the focal point of many of the residents lives. It is quite amazing that there is no country club in the corporate limits of Barrington Hills.

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There are 11 Higley 1000 neighborhoods in the Barrington area with 21.1% of the suburban Chicago households. Similarly to the North Shore, the population is overwhelmingly Non-Hispanic White (93.1%). The only suburb in the Barrington area that has any racial diversity at all is South Barrington. This suburb, which seems to be a favorite of sports stars, has a relatively large percentage of Asian households (14.4%), however the 11 neighborhoods together have only 4.3% Asian householders. Like the North Shore, the number of Blacks and Hispanics is statistically insignificant.

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  1. Anita Brueck
    September 7th, 2008 | 7:36 am

    Your writing is just beautiful – melodious to the point that I was compelled to read aloud to my husband.
    I’m a Montevallo grad, living in Naperville for the past 16 years.
    I had read of this site before, but then saw reference in Chicago magazine to Alabama’s Univerity of Montevallo – and this website.
    I’m thoroughly enjoying your prose – and sharing this site with some special friends that share my taste.
    Can’t wait to delve deeper here!

    Anita McDaniel Brueck
    Class of ’77
    Naperville, IL and Talladega, AL

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