How the 1% Voted in the 2016 Presidential Election: 2 to 1 for Clinton

How the 1% Voted in the 2016 Presidential Election: 2 to 1 for Clinton

The recent New York Times interactive map of all voting precincts in the United States allowed me to investigate how 300 of the highest income places voted in the 2016 Presidential Election. (An Extremely Detailed Map of the 2016 Election, July 25, 2018, Matthew Block, Larry Buchanan, Josh Katz, and Kevin Quealy).  I used the 2016 American Community Survey (ACS) to ascertain the 200 cities, towns, and townships with the highest mean household income. Not surprisingly, they were all suburbs… very affluent suburbs as #200, Chester Township in central New Jersey had a mean household income of $210,107. In order to give balance to this list of the affluent, I added a separate group of 100 of the most high income neighborhoods in central cities. The 300 places and neighborhoods gave Clinton just over a 2-1 margin (66.9% for Clinton; 33.1% for Trump).

It is particularly difficult to  survey the highest income householders (the 1%). After all, it’s highly unlikely they’d answer their phones and immediately start discussing as to whether they were part of the 1%. The wealthy certainly are not going to discuss their finances with a stranger on the phone. The best way to find out how they voted is to use the passive methodology of researching the geography of the 1%. My list of three hundred places and neighborhoods had a vote total of 1,456,141. The total Clinton/Trump vote was 128,838,341. The 300 places I have researched represent 1.13% of the total American vote. The sample included 827,252 voters in the suburbs and 628,889 voters in central cities.

Using ACS data, each city, town, village or township in this research must have had a minimum population of 1,000 to be included on the list. Eighty-nine of the 300 places come from the New York City area. The reason for this is twofold: there is an exceptional amount of income enjoyed by the 23 million people in New York City’s metro area. Secondly, many parts of Greater New York area are politically and geographically splintered into myriads of small estate villages on the North Shore of Long Island. The township system of New Jersey is also divided into a large number of townships. Second place California has 53 towns and neighborhoods represented in the list of 300 combined cities and suburbs.

Of the 200 highest income suburban places, 123 voted for Clinton, and 77 for Trump. That broke down to a suburban vote advantage for Clinton of 59.5%  vs. Trump’s 40.5%.  (Please note that all percentages show the split between Clinton and Trump. I have not included votes for Stein or Johnson for statistical clarity.)

The 100 urban neighborhoods provided Hillary Clinton with a huge victory as she overwhelmed Trump by a 76.7% to 23.3% margin. The margins of Clinton’s victory were truly a rout in many neighborhoods. Capitol Hill in Seattle is tied with Hyde Park in Chicago for the highest Clinton vote percentage. Each neighborhood voted for Clinton with a 96% to 4% advantage. Clinton took 40 of the 100 urban neighborhoods with over 80% of the vote. Only 4 Trump urban neighborhoods gave him more that 70% of the vote.

The urban areas were chosen by the author based on previous research. New York City has 14 urban neighborhoods on the list. Eight are located in Manhattan (the Upper East Side, the Upper West Side, Greenwich Village, Sutton Place, Soho, Tribeca, Beekman Place and Battery City). Brooklyn Heights, Park Slope, and Williamsburg represented Brooklyn whereas Queens was represented by Douglas Manor and Neponsit-Belle Harbor (63.5% Trump). The Todt Hill neighborhood (65.7% Trump) represented Staten Island.

For the Upper East Side, I tallied the precincts that followed 5th Avenue and Park Avenue from 60th to 96th street. These are the richest precincts and those to the east provided Clinton with an even higher percentage of the vote. Similarly, I counted the precincts between Central Park West and Amsterdam from 60th to 96th street. I went out of my way to find high income urban neighborhoods that are often overlooked. (e.g. Hayes Barton in Raleigh, Forest Park in Birmingham, and Arcadia in Phoenix).

Clinton’s heavy advantage in high income places and neighborhoods is due to the fact that she not only won 198 out of the 300 places surveyed, her victories were often landslides. Trump’s 102 wins were either close or modest victories with very few landslides.

Table A: Clinton’s 10 best Suburbs or Neighborhoods

Nine of Clinton’s 10 best neighborhoods were in central cities. Suburban Mill Valley in San Francisco’s Marin County sneaked in at 10th place giving Clinton 91.1% of its vote. Two of Clinton’s top ten neighborhoods are predominately African-American (Forest Hills in Washington DC and Palmer Woods in Detroit). Four of Clinton’s best neighborhoods were located in New York City: Greenwich Village (including the West Village) and Soho. Across the East River in Brooklyn, Park Slope gave 94.6% of its vote to Clinton, just slightly more than Brooklyn Heights (93.1% Clinton).  Brooklyn’s gentrified Williamsburg gave Hillary Clinton a 88.6% to 11.4% margin.

RankPlaceLocaterClinton %
1Capitol HillSeattle96.0%
2Hyde ParkChicago96.0%
3Park SlopeBrooklyn94.6%
4Palmer WoodsDetroit94.1%
5Forest HillsDC93.7%
6Brooklyn HeightsBrooklyn93.1%
7Greenwich VillageManhattan92.0%
9Indian VillageDetroit91.5%
10Mill ValleySan Fran91.1%


Table B: Trump’s 10 best Suburbs or Neighborhoods

Trump’s best neighborhoods were all suburban. Although four of his best places were in central cities, they were essentially suburban in terms of density and land use. The Country Club-Llanfair neighborhood in Mobile, Alabama is hardly “urban” by anyone’s standards as it is made up of large homes in suburban subdivisions. Ortega is a well established elite neighborhood on the western bank of the St. Johns River in Jacksonville, Florida. Similarly, Pierremont is a well established affluent neighborhood in Shreveport, Louisiana. The Gaillardia Country Club in Oklahoma City is on the outskirts of OKC’s expansive city limits. Although technically in the “central city,” Gaillardia is  a community of McMansions built around a golf course in a typical suburban manner. Trump did extremely well in all six of the villages that make up an enclave of Houston along the Buffalo Bayou.

RankPlace or NeighborhoodMetro AreaTrump %
1WestlakeFort Worth77.4%
2LawrenceNew York City76.4%
3North Key LargoMiami72.3%
5Country Club-LlanfairMobile71.7%
7Piney Pointe VillageDallas70.8%
8Grosse Pointe ShoresDetroit70.7%
9Hunters Creek VillageDallas69.6%
10Gaillardia Country ClubOklahoma City69.4%

Two unusual places in Trump’s winning coalition are Lawrence, New York and Grosse Pointe Shores, Michigan. Lawrence has a heavy population of Orthodox Jewish people and the vote in Lawrence went 76.4% for Trump. Another high income Orthodox Jewish NYC suburb was Kings Point that gave Trump 69% of its vote and just missed Trump’s top ten.

Eight Takeaways from Analyzing How the Highest Income Communities voted:

1. Old Money vs. New Money:  In general, Trump did better amongst the nouveau riche and Clinton did better with Old Money. For instance, the North Shore suburbs of Chicago (old money) tended to vote heavily Clinton (Winnetka +32%; Glencoe +59%; Kenilworth +13%), whereas Trump won handily in newer suburbs populated by McMansions (Oak Brook +14% Trump; South Barrington +13%, Long Grove + 6%). Lake Forest, Chicago’s premiere upper class suburb has always been the most conservative of the North Shore suburbs. Lake Forest went for Trump 51.7% to 48.3%. Of course there are always exceptions. I am curious as to how the old money, Henry Ford suburb of Grosse Pointe Shores gave Trump a whopping 41 point advantage (70.7% vs 29.3%).  Going strongly against the California trend, the newish suburb of Coto de Caza in Orange County voted 2-1 for Trump.

2. The Bastion of Clinton: Silicon Valley and the Bay Area:  Seven of the top ten places that voted most heavily for Clinton are found in the Bay Area. This pattern is consistent across the entire metro area. Mill Valley in Marin Country had an astounding spread of 82 points in Clinton’s favor. Following closely behind Mill Valley are Ladera (+76%), a small unincorporated suburb adjacent to Palo Alto; Piedmont (+76%) and old money suburb of Oakland, West Menlo Park (+75%), an unincorporated Silicon Valley place and Kentfield (+69%), an example of old money in Marin County. The most conservative  area of Greater San Francisco was the nouveau riche suburb of Black Hawk on the urban fringe in Contra Costa County. Trump lost Black Hawk by 9.6%… his best showing in the Bay area.

3. Urban neighborhoods in our central cities tend to have extremely different density patterns. From the canyons of the Upper East Side in Manhattan to the spacious giant mansions on large acreages in Bel Air (Estates) in Los Angeles, it is difficult to generalize about urban neighborhoods. The number of high income/high density urban neighborhoods outside of New York City and San Francisco is limited. Wherever they are found, they tended to vote heavily for Clinton. Examples would be Chicago’s Gold Coast (Clinton 76.3%), Miami’s Brickell Avenue (Clinton 69.6%), and Rittenhouse Square in Philadelphia (Clinton 85.3%).

4. The Bastion of Trump: Texas. With a few exceptions, Trump stormed through the wealthy suburbs and urban neighborhoods of Texas. Westlake, a tiny suburb of 1,124 people just north of Fort Worth, with the third highest mean income in the country ($403,288), gave their vote to Trump by a huge margin (77.4% to 22.6%). Westlake is a classic nouveau riche community that consists of a gated country club, The Vaquero Club and a series of large acreage homes/ranches. Much more important than tiny Westlake is nearby Southlake, a large Fort Worth suburb voted 2-1 for Trump. Southlake is classic nouveau riche: endless tracks of identical McMansions.

Old money Highland Park and University Park surrounded by Dallas voted for Trump by +16% and +36% respectively. Adjacent Preston Hollow, home to George W. Bush gave Trump a +20 advantage. Trump also did extremely well in Houston’s exclusive Buffalo Bayou area. There are six individually incorporated suburbs in this area and their vote for Trump was among his best showings across the country. The three highest income Buffalo Bayou suburbs were Hunters Creek Village (Trump +39%), Piney Pointe Village (+41%), and, Bunker Hill Village (+36%).

Just five high income Texas places voted for Clinton. Three were adjacent to each other near Rice University (West University Place +13% Clinton; Belleair +8% Clinton; and tiny Southside Place, + 13%). Relatively liberal, Austin’s older suburbs of West Lake Hills and Rollingwood went to Clinton by 22 and 25 points respectively. Two of Austin’s older city neighborhoods went strongly for Clinton: Tarrytown (+51%) and in Old West Austin (+37%).

5. The Long Island/Westchester split: There are 28 suburbs on Long Island among the 200 highest income places on the list and it is here that one will find some rare East Coast wealthy suburbs that supported Trump. Many of these places were formerly known as golf/estate villages as they were incorporated by estate owners to evade Nassau taxes at the beginning of the 20th Century. The 600 estates of the Gilded Age are largely gone or repurposed; however, the combined grounds have been turned into a 132 square mile collection of beautiful homes and modern, albeit smaller estates. Although the estates of Long Island were originally the home to the WASP elite, they are hard to find these days. In fact, the top ethnic groups found in these estate villages are universally Irish and Italian. The former servants and the landscapers have taken over the estates! Examples of the Long Island communities that went with Trump include Lattingtown (+17% Trump), Old Brookville (+31%), Nissequogue (+30%); and Head of the Harbor (+25%).

Note that Long Island seemed to have a large split on their hands as Clinton did exceptionally well in many of Long Island’s communities.  Posh Sands Point gave Clinton a 26 point advantage. Other Clinton strongholds included Lake Success (+27%), East Hills (+39%), and Lido Beach (+20%).

On the other hand, Clinton won all 14 Westchester suburbs. Clinton’s advantage in suburb after suburb was towering. She won Larchmont by 61 percentage points, Scarsdale by 60 points, and her home town, Chappaqua by 56 points. Trump has a home in Bedford and here he didn’t do as well as in Palm Beach. He lost Bedford by 35 points. Other large Westchester towns show a definite trend with Rye voting for Clinton by a 2-1 margin and elegant Bronxville gave her a 15 point margin.

6. The Jewish vote. Again, we can split the vote in two. Most American Jewish people are either of the Conservative or Reformed traditions and they tend to vote heavily Democratic. Examples of this are Chicago’s North Shore Glencoe (+60% Clinton), Franklin, MI (+24%),  and two of the four “Roslyns” on Long Island. Roslyn Estates (+37%) and Roslyn Harbor (+22%) were both Clinton strongholds. One of the plushest places in the country with a significant Jewish population is Westchester’s Scarsdale, that voted overwhelmingly for Clinton by a 79.2% to 20.8% margin.

The Orthodox Jewish vote could not be more different from their Conservative and Reformed traditions voted. Two of the highest income suburbs in the country that are dominated by Orthodox Jewish people gave huge margins to Donald Trump. As mentioned above, Lawrence, in the Five Towns neighborhood voted 76.4% to 23.6% for Trump. The other New York City suburb is Kings Point on Long Island Sound. Kings Point, located in the Great Neck area voted for Trump by a 69% to 31% margin.

7. Resort-like communities: The few tended to vote for Trump. North Key Largo in the Florida Keys voted heavily for Trump (72.3% – 27.7%) and Kiawah Island, South Carolina also strongly favored Trump (65.4% to 34.6%). One of Trump’s hometowns, Palm Beach gave him a comfortable margin (55.3% to 44.7%).

8. Interesting observations and outliers: Connecticut’s Gold Coast on Long Island Sound consists 10 towns that voted unanimously for Clinton. Artsy Westport maintains its distinction as the most liberal place in southwestern Connecticut, giving Clinton a 44 point advantage. Clinton’s advantage dropped to 10 points in the estates of North Greenwich and 12 points in New Canaan.

The richest “town” in the United States is Indian Creek, an island town in Miami’s Biscayne Bay. There are 33 mansions and 92 people surrounding a golf course that live on this gilded island. Although the statistics are notoriously inaccurate in such a small place, the 2016 American Community Survey gave Indian Creek a mean household income of $727,189. Trump carried Indian Creek 2016.

The second richest community in the United States is Jupiter Island, Florida. Located just north of Palm Beach, Jupiter Island was not included in my research as it did not make the requisite population of 1,000. This slender barrier island had a mean income of $533,275— and they voted decisively for Trump by a 334-171 margin. Although not one of the 200 wealthiest towns, Of interest is Beverly Hills that voted 10,547 for  Clinton and 5,439 for Trump… that’s a 66% to 34% spread.  This is impressive, but not by the standards of nearby neighborhoods. Clinton took Bel Air by 42 points and Brentwood, Westwood, and Holmby Hills by an identical 53 percentage points each.

There were several places that voted right down the middle, half for Clinton, half for Trump. Among these divided communities are Denver’s most elite place, Cherry Hills Village; Hinsdale, Illinois (a teardown heaven just west of Chicago), as well as Mission Hills in the Kansas City area, Ladue, MO (St. Louis), and New Albany OH (Columbus). The town that broke the closest among the 200 is Muttontown, a uniquely named suburb in the Oyster Bay area of Northern Long Island.

It should be noted that some of the wealthiest suburban places were left off the list because precinct boundaries roped in large areas of lower income neighbors: Oyster Bay Cove, NY; Druid Hills, GA; East Hampton, NY; and Woodside, an unincorporated place in Bucks County outside of Philadelphia.

Table C: How the 200 Highest Income Suburban Places Voted in the 2016 Presidential Election

Rank2016 ACSStateMean IncomeClinton %Trump %
63Paradise ValleyAZ $284,203 40.6%59.4%
1AthertonCA $443,403 71.9%28.1%
4WoodsideCA $401,376 73.2%26.8%
11Lake SherwoodCA $374,612 39.2%60.8%
12Los Altos HillsCA $373,848 73.4%26.6%
15Hidden HillsCA $368,228 61.2%38.8%
19Portola ValleyCA $354,744 81.6%18.4%
20HillsboroughCA $350,917 67.3%32.7%
26Rolling HillsCA $338,806 37.5%62.5%
30LaderaCA $332,118 88.0%12.0%
32RossCA $328,865 78.4%21.6%
35BelvedereCA $325,971 75.3%24.7%
53Monte SerenoCA $299,596 68.8%31.2%
59KentfieldCA $287,843 84.4%15.6%
65Norris CanyonCA $283,294 67.9%32.1%
67Bell CanyonCA $281,105 58.5%41.5%
70PiedmontCA $277,597 88.0%12.0%
87Los AltosCA $265,087 79.8%20.2%
94MontecitoCA $263,429 66.9%33.1%
96LoyolaCA $263,284 76.1%23.9%
97TiburonCA $262,643 79.7%20.3%
101OrindaCA $257,533 78.9%21.1%
106Sleepy HollowCA $254,052 81.4%18.6%
121Palos Verdes Ests.CA $243,786 52.9%47.1%
127AlamoCA $239,147 57.0%43.0%
133MalibuCA $234,817 68.1%31.9%
135West Menlo ParkCA $234,141 87.3%12.7%
141Mill ValleyCA $231,907 91.1%8.9%
154Emerald Lake HillsCA $227,360 76.7%23.3%
155Canada FlintridgeCA $227,246 60.5%39.5%
161SaratogaCA $226,400 72.8%27.2%
166BlackhawkCA $225,180 54.8%45.2%
177Manhattan BeachCA $220,994 67.0%33.0%
193Coto de CazaCA $212,958 33.6%66.4%
6Cherry Hills VillageCO $390,224 49.6%50.4%
48Castle Pines Vill.CO $305,478 34.9%65.1%
86Bow MarCO $265,365 53.6%46.4%
9North GreenwichCT $386,806 55.0%45.0%
13Old GreenwichCT $369,082 68.7%31.3%
33DarienCT $327,901 56.2%43.8%
36New CanaanCT $321,457 55.9%44.1%
66WestportCT $282,362 71.9%28.1%
71WestonCT $277,362 70.0%30.0%
81RiversideCT $270,109 64.2%35.8%
102WiltonCT $257,307 61.5%38.5%
190RidgefieldCT $214,844 62.1%37.9%
45North Key LargoFL $311,763 27.7%72.3%
83Palm BeachFL $267,031 44.7%55.3%
118Indian River Shrs.FL $246,669 31.3%68.7%
188Key BiscayneFL $215,281 60.9%39.1%
192PinecrestFL $213,185 58.7%41.3%
42KenilworthIL $316,434 56.7%43.3%
44WinnetkaIL $313,173 66.2%33.8%
47GlencoeIL $306,923 79.9%20.1%
89HinsdaleIL $264,672 49.8%50.2%
95Lake ForestIL $263,347 48.3%51.7%
111InvernessIL $251,585 42.8%57.2%
142RiverwoodsIL $231,876 66.0%34.0%
148Oak BrookIL $230,504 43.1%56.9%
153KildeerIL $227,481 49.4%50.6%
156Long GroveIL $227,221 53.0%47.0%
159S. BarringtonIL $226,757 43.5%56.5%
182BannockburnIL $218,696 59.0%41.0%
183Barrington HillsIL $217,020 39.3%60.7%
197Hawthorn Wds.IL $211,583 47.0%53.0%
27Mission HillsKS $338,432 50.4%49.6%
171LeawoodKS $222,429 47.6%52.4%
130AnchorageKY $236,413 41.9%58.1%
52DoverMA $299,943 64.5%35.5%
58WestonMA $288,740 73.4%26.6%
92WellesleyMA $264,145 76.6%23.4%
124CarlisleMA $241,742 75.8%24.2%
175SudburyMA $221,434 74.7%25.3%
186SherbornMA $216,125 74.0%26.0%
2Chevy Chase Vill.MD $431,791 79.4%20.6%
14Chevy Chase TownMD $369,052 80.4%19.6%
50BrookmontMD $301,016 84.7%15.3%
80Travilah*MD $270,476 65.0%35.0%
120PotomacMD $244,067 67.9%32.1%
176Chevy Chase CDPMD $221,248 79.4%20.6%
179DarnestownMD $219,654 53.8%46.2%
187BethesdaMD $215,326 80.8%19.2%
57Bloomfield HillsMI $293,070 44.0%56.0%
109Orchard Lake Vill.MI $252,493 39.7%60.3%
160FranklinMI $226,517 62.2%37.8%
167Grosse Pointe Shrs.MI $224,626 29.3%70.7%
144OronoMN $231,193 45.9%54.1%
162DellwoodMN $226,387 38.3%61.7%
189DeephavenMN $215,115 56.2%43.8%
194North OaksMN $212,174 52.4%47.6%
88LadueMO $264,755 51.2%48.8%
115FrontenacMO $249,916 48.0%52.0%
125Clarkson ValleyMO $240,793 33.6%66.4%
128Town & CountryMO $238,277 40.0%60.0%
168Biltmore ForestNC $223,350 51.8%48.2%
56Mendham Twp.NJ $294,046 47.4%52.6%
72Short Hills/MillburnNJ $277,171 70.8%29.2%
75Harding TownshipNJ $274,411 42.5%57.5%
77Saddle RiverNJ $271,916 32.9%67.1%
78Upp. Saddle RiverNJ $271,193 45.3%54.7%
99Upper MontclairNJ $261,324 85.1%14.9%
100Mountain LakesNJ $258,815 56.0%44.0%
103RumsonNJ $256,389 42.8%57.2%
105Essex FellsNJ $254,076 45.8%44.2%
113North CaldwellNJ $251,119 48.9%51.1%
114Chatham Twp.NJ $250,861 51.2%48.8%
131AlpineNJ $235,701 52.2%47.8%
150Franklin LakesNJ $230,098 35.3%64.7%
151Glen RidgeNJ $229,388 74.9%25.1%
157TewksburyNJ $226,911 38.6%61.4%
165DemarestNJ $225,589 63.4%36.6%
169Chatham Bor.NJ $223,219 58.4%41.6%
178SummitNJ $220,971 64.3%35.7%
180Peapack & Glad.NJ $219,130 44.5%55.5%
181RidgewoodNJ $218,891 62.1%37.9%
191Ho Ho KusNJ $214,114 47.8%52.2%
195WatchungNJ $212,040 48.7%51.3%
196Woodcliff LakeNJ $211,603 53.9%46.1%
200Chester TwpNJ $210,107 39.3%60.7%
5Sands PointNY $393,744 63.2%36.8%
8ScarsdaleNY $387,558 79.2%20.8%
10BrookvilleNY $375,122 48.8%51.2%
17Upper BrookvilleNY $357,422 45.3%54.7%
18Lloyd HarborNY $356,673 45.5%54.5%
22MuttontownNY $348,713 49.9%50.1%
24PlandomeNY $343,308 40.0%60.0%
28BronxvilleNY $334,848 58.9%41.1%
29Old WestburyNY $333,302 55.9%44.1%
34Mill NeckNY $327,097 43.4%56.6%
37Old BrookvilleNY $321,096 39.1%60.9%
39ArmonkNY $318,525 58.3%41.7%
41Laurel HollowNY $317,418 45.5%54.5%
49Roslyn EstatesNY $303,798 68.3%31.7%
51Munsey ParkNY $300,625 44.4%55.6%
54Pound RidgeNY $298,107 66.8%33.2%
55Flower HillNY $295,179 53.8%46.2%
60ChappaquaNY $286,782 78.0%22.0%
61Hewlett HarborNY $286,605 49.4%50.6%
64NissequogueNY $283,773 35.2%64.8%
69Pelham ManorNY $278,841 62.1%37.9%
74Lake SuccessNY $276,817 68.8%31.2%
76GreenvilleNY $271,992 77.2%22.8%
79LarchmontNY $270,685 80.4%19.6%
90Roslyn HarborNY $264,636 60.9%39.1%
91LattingtownNY $264,318 41.5%58.5%
98RyeNY $261,535 66.6%33.4%
122Kings PointNY $243,103 31.0%69.0%
123KensingtonNY $241,931 58.7%41.3%
126Yorktown HeightsNY $240,479 50.6%49.4%
129WoodburyNY $237,493 59.9%40.1%
136Huntington BayNY $233,902 48.0%52.0%
138Cold Spg. HarborNY $232,736 46.6%53.4%
145East HillsNY $230,924 69.3%30.7%
146Hd of the HarborNY $230,911 37.3%62.7%
149Bedford TownshipNY $230,478 67.4%32.6%
158LawrenceNY $226,811 23.6%76.4%
163Lido BeachNY $226,324 59.9%40.1%
170Briarcliff ManorNY $222,502 70.0%30.0%
173IrvingtonNY $222,300 75.7%24.3%
174PelhamNY $221,591 68.9%31.1%
184East WillistonNY $216,902 40.3%59.7%
43Village of Indian HillOH $314,077 36.9%63.1%
116Pepper PikeOH $248,753 65.7%34.3%
132ColdstreamOH $235,395 32.9%67.1%
139New AlbanyOH $232,615 50.7%49.3%
147Nichols HillsOK $230,639 36.1%63.9%
112Fox ChapelPA $251,523 56.1%43.9%
119EdgeworthPA $245,995 55.2%44.8%
198Newlin TownshipPA $211,162 50.2%49.8%
140Kiawah IslandSC $232,293 34.6%65.4%
23Belle MeadeTN $343,605 38.0%62.0%
73Forest HillsTN $277,012 45.7%44.3%
3WestlakeTX $403,288 22.6%77.4%
16Hunters Creek Vill.TX $360,677 30.4%69.6%
21Piney Point VillageTX $350,720 29.2%70.8%
25Bunker Hill VillageTX $342,323 32.1%67.9%
31Highland ParkTX $330,703 42.2%57.8%
38Southside PlaceTX $319,668 57.5%42.5%
40W. University Pl.TX $317,665 54.1%45.9%
62University ParkTX $286,107 32.1%67.9%
84Terrell HillsTX $266,441 37.0%63.0%
110SouthlakeTX $252,415 33.5%66.5%
117BellaireTX $247,367 53.9%46.1%
134RollingwoodTX $234,288 62.7%37.3%
137West Lake HillsTX $232,878 60.3%39.7%
143Shavano ParkTX $231,783 34.8%65.2%
164Hedwig VillageTX $225,839 37.1%62.9%
172Spring ValleyTX $222,337 31.1%68.9%
185Barton CreekTX $216,772 47.6%52.4%
199Olmos ParkTX $210,123 45.6%54.4%
46Great FallsVA $308,663 53.0%47.0%
68McLeanVA $280,225 63.7%36.3%
104Wolf TrapVA $254,535 63.4%36.6%
107CrosspointeVA $253,721 54.1%45.9%
7Yarrow PointWA $388,312 66.4%33.6%
82MedinaWA $269,376 63.4%36.6%
93Clyde HillWA $263,478 63.3%36.7%
152WoodwayWA $228,448 58.6%41.4%
85River HillsWI $266,278 54.2%44.8%
108Maple BluffWI $253,573 70.1%29.9%

Table D: How 100 High Income Urban Neighborhoods voted in the 2016 Presidential Election

 NeighborhoodMetro AreaC %T %
2Roland Park-GuilfordBaltimore82.1%17.9%
3Forest ParkBirmingham68.4%31.6%
4Back BayBoston85.0%15.0%
5Beacon HillBoston86.4%13.6%
6Historic DistrictCharleston, SC60.3%39.7%
7Meyers Park-EastoverCharlotte53.5%46.5%
8The Gold CoastChicago76.3%23.7%
9Hyde ParkChicago96.0%4.0%
10Lincoln ParkChicago83.1%16.9%
11River NorthChicago78.6%21.4%
13Hyde ParkCincinnati65.9%34.1%
14Bent Tree CCDallas40.6%59.4%
15Northwood HillsDallas38.7%61.3%
16Preston HollowDallas39.8%60.2%
17Cherry CreekDenver67.3%32.7%
18Denver Country ClubDenver71.8%28.2%
20Indian VillageDetroit91.5%8.5%
21Palmer WoodsDetroit94.1%5.9%
23Kalorama HeightsDC82.8%17.2%
24Spring ValleyDC83.1%16.9%
25Forest HillsDC93.7%6.3%
26Wesley HeightsDC89.2%10.8%
27Hope ValleyDurham77.1%22.9%
28Las Olas IslesFort Lauderdale45.9%54.1%
29Seven Isles-Nurmi IslesFort Lauderdale43.6%56.4%
30Irving ParkGreensboro51.5%48.5%
31River OaksHouston45.9%54.1%
34San Jose-LakewoodJacksonville37.9%62.1%
35Country ClubKansas City69.2%30.8%
36The Hills @ SummerlinLas Vegas47.0%53.0%
37BrentwoodLos Angeles76.6%23.4%
38Bel Air EstatesLos Angeles71.2%28.8%
39Beverly ParkLos Angeles72.4%27.6%
40Century CityLos Angeles78.2%21.8%
41Cheviot HillsLos Angeles84.6%15.4%
42Hollywood HillsLos Angeles88.4%11.6%
43Holmby HillsLos Angeles76.9%23.1%
44Hancock ParkLos Angeles79.7%20.3%
45MarinaLos Angeles81.1%18.9%
47Pacific PalisadesLos Angeles78.0%22.0%
48RivieraLos Angeles74.6%25.4%
49West Hollywood HillsLos Angeles85.6%14.4%
50WestwoodLos Angeles76.5%23.5%
51Brickell AvenueMiami69.6%30.4%
52Coconut GroveMiami73.0%27.0%
54Kenwood-Lowry ParkMinneapolis90.6%9.4%
55Country Club-LlanfairMobile28.3%71.7%
56Audubon-UptownNew Orleans63.1%36.9%
57Battery CityNew York City82.5%17.5%
58Beekman PlaceNew York City75.2%24.8%
Belle Harbor-NeponsetNew York City36.5%63.5%
59Brooklyn HeightsNew York City93.1%6.9%
60Douglas ManorNew York City54.2%45.8%
61Sutton PlaceNew York City79.5%20.5%
62Upper East SideNew York City81.4%18.6%
63Upper West SideNew York City90.3%9.7%
64Greenwich VillageNew York City92.0%8.0%
65Park SlopeNew York City94.6%5.4%
66SohoNew York City92.0%8.0%
67Todt HillNew York City34.3%65.7%
68TribecaNew York City89.9%10.1%
69WilliamsburgNew York City88.6%11.4%
70Quail Creek CCOklahoma City32.8%67.2%
71Gaillardia CCOklahoma City30.6%69.4%
72Chestnut HillPhiladelphia86.1%13.9%
73Rittenhouse SquarePhiladelphia85.3%14.7%
74Society HillPhiladelphia85.7%14.3%
76Squirrel HillPittsburgh84.3%15.7%
78Country Club HillsRaleigh47.3%52.7%
80Hayes BartonRaleigh60.2%39.8%
81Windsor FarmsRichmond42.3%57.7%
82Bernardo TrailsSan Diego44.6%55.4%
83La JollaSan Diego69.8%30.2%
84WestsideSt. Louis88.3%11.7%
85Snell IsleSt. Petersburg46.7%53.3%
86Venetian IslesSt. Petersburg38.9%61.1%
87Sea CliffSan Francisco81.6%18.4%
88MarinaSan Francisco85.6%14.4%
89Pacific HeightsSan Francisco89.3%10.7%
90Presidio HeightsSan Francisco89.0%11.0%
91St. Francis WoodSan Francisco80.2%19.8%
92Capitol HillSeattle96.0%4.0%
93Washington ParkSeattle90.5%9.5%
97Davis IslandsTampa48.7%51.3%
98Hyde ParkTampa55.6%44.4%
100KentmereWilmington DE71.8%28.2%
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