Morris, Somerset, & Hunterdon: New Jersey’s Largest Center of Wealth

Morris, Somerset, & Hunterdon: New Jersey’s Largest Center of Wealth

Morris, Somerset, and Hunterdon counties have the largest number of Higley 1000 households in New Jersey. The three counties are the exurban extensions of suburban Essex and Union counties, and are characterized by quaint villages, discrete estates on country lanes, and even a few standard suburban subdivisions. There are extensive areas of horse farms, particularly in Somerset County, for the equestrian set. Of the 17 Higley 1000 neighborhoods, 14 are (in general) contiguous and are centered on the historic town of Morristown. The wealthiest neighborhood in this area is located in a geographical outlier, Mountain Lakes (mean household income: $306,015). Although there are six manmade lakes in this small Borough, the wealthiest area is found around the shores of the Borough’s namesake, Mountain Lake.

Map of Mountain Lake, New Jersey

View a Larger Map of Mountain Lake

Morris County is home to one of the few luxury gated communities in Northern New Jersey. Smoke Rise, located in Kinnelon. Just south of Smoke Rise is the nouveau riche subdivision of Grandview at Kinnelon. This neighborhood consists of huge new trophy houses built on the the long and winding South Glen Road.

Map of the Gated Community of Smoke Rise in Kinnelon, New Jersey

View a Larger Map of Higley 1000 neighborhoods in Smoke Rise

As is usual across the country, there are neighborhoods that have a substantial number of Asian households, although overall the 17 neighborhoods together are about average for the Higley 1000 with 4.8% of the households categorized as Asian. The two neighborhoods with larger concentrations of Asian households are New Jersey National Golf Course-Liberty Corners (11.3% Asian) located in Bernards Township and a collection of subdivisions in Bridgwater Township that I have dubbed Martinsville-Running Brook (for the lack of a better name). Again any one that would wish to help me with the proper name for this area would be much appreciated.

Unlike Essex County, few Black households have chosen to locate in this area. There are only 74 African households in the 17 neighborhoods found on the Higley 1000 (0.4%). With virtually no Hispanics household either (1.5%), this collection of neighborhoods is extremely “White” (93.4%).

Map of Three Exurban New Jersey County’s Higley 1000 neighborhoods: Morris, Somerset, and Hunterdon

View a Larger Map of Higley 1000 Neighborhoods in Morris, Somerset and Hunterdon County

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