Union County, New Jersey

Union County, New Jersey

Union County is Essex County’s smaller, poorer neighbor to the South without the racial diversity found in some of Essex’s Higley 1000 neighborhoods. The wealthiest neighborhoods of Union County are an extension of the physically similar suburbs to the North along the first Watchung Mountain. At the apex of Union County’s suburbs is the fully developed suburb of Summit located just south of Short Hills. The Northside of Summit is one of the wealthiest neighborhoods in New Jersey. It is nestled between the first and second ridges of the Watchung Mountains. The neighborhoods in Westfield and Scotch Plains are in the “flats” to the west of Elizabeth. Westfield serves as the retail center for the county.

There are few minorities found in Union County’s Higley 1000 neighborhoods. There are virtually no African-Americans in any of the 10 neighborhoods and relatively few Latinos. Two of the neighborhoods showed significant Asian populations: the small neighborhood I have called Washington Rock-South Watchung (11.7%) and the southern neighborhood of Berkeley Heights (9.1%).

Union County illustrates the difficulty I sometimes encounter in trying to find and name neighborhoods. The reader will notice that I have been forced into using locational names (Westfield South, Westfield North) as my pleas to local realtors have gone unanswered in trying to find proper neighborhood names. If anyone in my audience can help me properly name the places on the map below that are full of “North” and “South” for the lack of better names, it would be much appreciated!

Higley 1000 Neighborhoods in Union County

View Larger Map of Higley1000 Neighborhoods in Union Country, NJ

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