Saddle River-Ridgewood:Great Wealth—Few Minorities

Saddle River-Ridgewood:Great Wealth—Few Minorities

The second cluster of wealthy neighborhoods in Bergen County is what I have dubbed the Saddle River-Ridgewood area. Ridgewood’s West End is unquestionably the wealthiest of the neighborhoods in this area with a mean household income of $326,140. The West End of Ridgewood is the 6th wealthiest neighborhood in New Jersey. The top Five are (1) Merrywood-Knollwood in Short Hills ($461,340); (2) Rumson Country Club-Waterloo ($424,994) (3) the Northside of Summit ($386,517); (4) Old Short Hill Estates ($379,923); and (5) Locust ($327,742) near the Jersey Shore in Monmouth County. The West End of Ridgewood has few minorities: 0% Black; 2.9% Asian; and 3.3% Hispanic.

There is little to report on racial integration in this large cluster of 8,915 households. There are 373 Asian households in the 12 neighborhoods (4.2%) and no particular concentration of Asians in the Saddle River-Ridgewood area. Seven of the twelve neighborhoods have no Black households at all and this contributes to a very low percentage of African-Americans (0.7%) throughout the area. Hispanics are also found in few numbers in this part of Bergen County (2.3%). The only neighborhood that has some representation of Latinos is the Southern portion of the nouveau riche suburb of Franklin Lakes (5.1%).

Map of the Higley 1000 Neighorhoods in the Saddle River-Ridgewood area

View Larger Map of Higley 1000 Neighborhoods in the Saddle River and Ridgewood areas

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