The New Jersey Palisades in Bergen County

The New Jersey Palisades in Bergen County

I have chosen to break up the Higley 1000 neighborhoods in Bergen County into two discrete clusters of wealth due to the disparate racial makeup of each group of neighborhoods. The first is made up of seven neighborhoods on top of the dramatic New Jersey Palisades, sometimes referred to as Bergen Hill. The second cluster I have named Saddle River-Ridgewood and is located inland in this large county of just over 904,000 residents (2006 Census estimate).

The Palisades stretches from Jersey City to Nyack, New York and ranges in altitude from 350 to 550 feet. The vertical drop of the Palisades to the Hudson provides beautiful views of the river and beyond to Riverdale and Yonkers. Located just north of the George Washington Bridge, these neighborhoods provide a short commute to Manhattan for the residents of these lovely neighborhoods.

The seven contiguous neighborhoods are anchored on the south by Englewood’s palatial East Hill neighborhood. East Hill is the largest and oldest of these neighborhoods with many extraordinarily large gated mansions. Currently there is a lovely estate for sale for $19,500,000. The main highway North is the Palisades Parkway and the last of the neighborhoods is the nouveau riche lightly populated suburb of Alpine. Beyond the New York State Boundary is one more Higley 1000 neighborhood, Grandview-on-Hudson in Rockland County. The easternmost portion of Tenafly is the wealthiest neighborhood in this cluster of neighborhoods with a mean household income of $299,985. This ranks the easternmost portion of Tenafly at #103 in the United States.

The New Jersey Palisades’ neighborhoods are noteworthy for there high concentration of Asian Households. Of the 5,634 households in the seven contiguous neighborhoods, 630 households (11.2%) are Asian (mainly Chinese and Korean). This high concentration of Asians range from 19.9% of the households in the West Central section of the small suburb of Englewood Cliffs to a low of 5.1% in the much larger East Hill. The other neighborhoods of the Palisades also have among the highest percentage of Asian households found in the United States outside of California. The percentage of Asians in these neighborhoods are as follows: Demarest East 18.8%; Cresskill East 17.8%; Englewood Cliffs North 16.2%; Alpine 15.4%; and Tenafly East 7.1%.

Englewood’s East Hill is notable for the fact that 7% of the households are African-American. This number is less impressive when one considers the fact that of the 140 East Hill African-American households, 40 had an income of over $150,000, and 60 had incomes of less than $50,000. There are an insignificant African-American households in the remaining six Palisades Higley 1000 neighborhoods.

Map of New Jersey’s Higley 1000 Neighborhoods on the Palisades

View Larger Map of Higley 1000 Neighborhoods in The Palisades

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