The Wealthy Neighborhoods of Fairfield County, Connecticut

The Wealthy Neighborhoods of Fairfield County, Connecticut

Fairfield County, Connecticut has one of the highest concentrations of Higley 1000 neighborhoods in the country. It will come as no surprise to most that Greenwich, with no less than 12 Higley 1000 neighborhoods, dominates the highest reaches of the list. Three adjacent neighborhoods in North Greenwich (Round Hill, Burning Tree Country Club, and Stanwich-Conyers Farm) are ranked second, sixth, and ninth in the entire nation. The gated enclave of Belle Terre on Long Island Sound is ranked 8th in the United States.

Greenwich is sometimes left off lists of wealthiest places as it is much larger and more heterogeneous (income wise) than its more homogenous neighbors such as New Canaan and Darien. Greenwich had 23,220 total households in 2000 Census and only 8,065 resided in the twelve Higley 1000 neighborhoods. Greenwich’s overall income statistics are always weighted down by the riff raff that live in the more densely settled neighborhoods found in the southeastern section of the town (e.g. Byrum and Pemberwick). There are also “lower” income areas between the Connecticut Turnpike and the main shopping drag, Putnam Avenue as well as areas of the Mianus neighborhood.

The gated Conyers Farm development that sprawls over both Greenwich and neighboringĂ‚ New York is 1,500 acres and home to 70 carefully screened mega mansions. Controversy erupted last year when a hedgefund manager, Joseph M. Jacobs proposed building a 38,929 square foot house with a 224 foot long facade. (New York Times, March 12, 2007). According to a New York Times investigation, this outlandish sized mansion is not unusual in these sylvan precints as they catalogued four mansions in the +30,000 square foot range. However as the the largest home in Conyers Farm was David Stockman’s 27,000 square foot home, it appears that the Robber Barons of anew believe that Jacobs house crosses some unknown line of sanity. It appears that Greenwich has superceded the Gold Coast of Long Island as the desired place for New York City’s plutocrats to showcase their wealth.

Fairfield: White as the Driven Snow

There is nothing to report in the way of minorities in Fairfield County’s 44 Higley 1000 neighborhoods. Black and Hispanics are statistically insignificant. Even the Asian households are relatively low in number (3.3% of Higley 1000 neighborhoods in Greenwich, 2.4% in Westport, and 1.2% in New Canaan).

Here is a map of Fairfield County’s 44 Higley 1000 Neighborhoods:

View a Larger Map of Higley 1000 Neighborhoods in Fairfield County

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