Republicans & Democrats in Greenwich, Connecticut

Republicans & Democrats in Greenwich, Connecticut

Greenwich, Connecticut is one of many of this great nation’s ground zeros when it comes to vast wealth. Greenwich is a mixture of Social Register money and gargantuan Hedge Fund Nouveaus. The National Edition of The New York Times (May 28th) had a fascinating article about fund raising for the upcoming presidential race and broke down the fund raising by party and block. Unfortunately for the Gray Lady, they did not have access (or knowledge) of the Higley 1000 to use in their summary, so here it is. They reported political fund-raising on a block by block basis. The map that accompanied the article did have some vague neighborhoods marked (e.g. Riverside, Old Greenwich) but they were few and far between.
Although this analysis is inexact my reading is that the following neighborhoods are big givers to the Republicans:
Old Greenwich, Round Hill, and Riverside. The Democrats prevail in the Burning Tree Country neighborhood, as well as Belle Haven, Byram Shore, and Indian Harbor. Looks like the good people of Quaker Ridge (around the Tamarack and Fairview Country Clubs) are cheap not much too either party.

My 1995 book, Privilege, Power & Place found Greenwich with more Social Register families than any other town of its size in America. The only greater concentration of old money is found on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

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    we always make a fund raising drive when we want to do some cleanup on the local neighborhood~”;

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