Racial Integration of the Wealthiest 1000 Places in America

The Higley Elite 100: Variance & Stability in the American Community Survey 2008-2012

New research shows that the huge variances for individual neighborhoods only nudges the racial makeup of the Elite 100. I’m afraid that many of the visitors to my site are solely interested in the question of which neighborhood is Number One. In the hope of highlighting the futility of trying to determine which neighborhood is […]

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All Higley 1000 Neighborhoods by Metropolitan Area

Below is the list of all of the Higley 1000 neighborhoods. If any of my readers would suggest a ‘better’ name for any of the below, I’m listening. Due to the huge number of New York City neighborhoods, I  has been broken New York City into Connecticut, Long Island, New Jersey, New York City, and […]

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The 2010 Higley 1000

The results of the Higley 1000 for 2010 have finally been tabulated down to the block group level. Many thanks to USA.com for doing what the Census Bureau could not accomplish: an easily usable database combined with a detailed and accurate mapping component. Methodology My data is derived from the American Community Survey 2006-2010. My methodology consisted […]

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Highest Income Census Tracts in the United States: The Manhattan Story

“…one can’t help but notice the heavy preponderance of New York City metro area tracts, particularly those located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and Fairfield County, Connecticut. Twenty-seven of the top 50 tracts are located in the New York Metro area.”

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Dramatic Gains for Asians & Hispanics. Dramatic Decline for Non-Hispanic Whites

Editors Note: The following article was written when I gave up trying to crack the data from the 2010 Census below the Census Tract level. A much more accurate way of looking at the data is at the Block Group data (which I used for the original Higley 1000). Although the information in the article […]

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Fifteen Up & Coming Places of Affluence in the United States

I am waiting for the American Community Survey of 2005-10 to update the Higley 1000. However, there are some new places that are bubbling up as possible neighborhoods when the new Higley 1000 is created anew next year. A database by “Caspio” and published on the web by G. Scott Thomas on the website The […]

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The Wealthy Neighborhoods of Birmingham, Alabama

An Overview of the Metro Area Birmingham has indeed come a long way in its relatively brief history. Born in the aftermath of the Civil War (1871), the city quickly burgeoned into the iron and steel industry’s “Pittsburgh of the South” by the early 20th Century. The city’s explosive growth in its first forty years […]

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Eric Fischer’s Racial Maps by Major Metro Areas

Eric Fischer has posted an extensive array of maps of each American metropolitan area’s racial distribution. As they are germane to my website, I have posted them in all their glory. Each red dot on the map represents Non-Hispanic Whites; each blue dot African-Americans; each gold dot represents Latinos; and,  each green dot represents Asian-Americans. […]

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Fisher Island, Florida: The Highest Average Income Suburb in the United States?

Fisher Island, located off the southern tip of Miami Beach, has the highest mean income of any place in the United States according to the 2005-2009 American Community Survey. The ACS replaces the “long form” that sampled socioeconomic data in previous censuses. Fisher Island is unusual in many respects as it can only be reached […]

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Tucson: A Beautiful Desert Oasis

With good reason, Tucsonians love to sneer at Phoenix: too big, too ugly and with too much out of control growth and the concomitant dreadful traffic problems. (oh yes, and too Conservative too!). However, as the city of Tucson has an estimated 2009 population of 543,910 and the county has just passed the million residents […]

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